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Volume 09, issue 04
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ISSN: 2274-0422

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Skull, inner ear, pharyngotympanic sinus and neurovascular system

Data citation: Gwendal Perrichon Logo, Yohan Pochat-Cottilloux Logo, Davide Conedera, Pascale Richardin Logo, Vincent Fernandez Logo, Lionel Hautier Logo and Jeremy E. Martin Logo, 2023. M3#1202. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.1202

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Specimen infos
Collection : Musée des Confluences, Lyon, France

Inventory number : MHNL 50001387

Sex : indet

Age group : Adult

Age (if applicable) :

Material Type : Skull

Origin :

Class : Sauropsida

Order : Crocodilia

Family : Crocodylidae

Genus : Crocodylus

Species :niloticus


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3D models related to the publication: Neuroanatomy and pneumaticity of the extinct Malagasy ‘horned’ crocodile Voay robustus and its implications for crocodylid phylogeny and palaeoecology.
Gwendal Perrichon, Yohan Pochat-Cottilloux, Davide Conedera, Pascale Richardin, Vincent Fernandez, Lionel Hautier and Jeremy E. Martin
Published online: 22/12/2023

Keywords: brain endocast; Malagasy crocodiles; neurovascular system; paratympanic sinus


    The present 3D Dataset contains the 3D models analyzed in: Perrichon et al., 2023. Neuroanatomy and pneumaticity of Voay robustus and its implications for crocodylid phylogeny and palaeoecology. 

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Published in Volume 09, issue 04 (2023)