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94 extracted surfaces of skeletal elements of PIMUZ A/III 4380

Data citation: Torsten M. Scheyer Logo, James, M. Neenan Logo, Timea Bodogan Logo, Heinz Furrer Logo, Christian Obrist Logo and Mathieu Plamondon Logo, 2017. M3#179. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.179

Model solid/transparent

Anterior dentary tooth, Axis centrum and arch, Cervical rib, Dorsal vertebra midtrunk region, Flag 32, Hyoid bone 1, Hyoid bone 2, Interclavide, Left anterior dentary, Left caudal ribs, Left cervical rib 3, Left cervical rib 4, Left cervical rib 5, Left cervical rib 6, Left cervical rib 7, Left clavide, Left coracoid, Left dorsal rib even, Left dorsal rib odd, Left femur, Left fibula, Left humerus, Left ilium, Left osteoderm, Left radius, Left sacral rib, Left scapula, Left tibia, Lower jaw bone 1, Lower jaw bone 2, Maxilla 1, Maxilla 2, Osteoderm on dorsal vertebra, Osteoderm shoulder region, Palatine 1?, Palatine 2 frament?, Palatine 2?, Premaxilla 1, Premaxilla 2, Premaxilla teeth, Pterygoid?, Quadrate 2?, Quadrate?, Right anterior dentary, Right dorsal rib even, Right dorsal rib odd, Right femus, Right fibula, Right foot metatarsalia, Right foot phalanges, Right foot tarsalia, Right hand carpalia, Right Hand metacarpalia, Right Hand Phalanges, Right ilium, Right ischium, Right osteoderm, Right pubis, Right radius, Right scapula, Right tibia, Right ulna, Skull roof?, Squamosal?

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age group : Juvenile

Age (if applicable) : Anisian-Ladinian, Middle Triassic

Material Type : associated but disarticulated specimen

Origin :

Class : Reptilia

Order : Diapsida

Family : indet.

Genus : Eusaurosphargis

Species :dalsassoi

Almost completely articulated skeleton preserved in ventral view

Related article
3D model and accompanying dataset related to the publication: A new, exceptionally preserved juvenile specimen of Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi (Diapsida) and implications for Mesozoic marine diapsid phylogeny
Torsten M. Scheyer, James, M. Neenan, Timea Bodogan, Heinz Furrer, Christian Obrist and Mathieu Plamondon
Published online: 30/06/2017

Keywords: Ladinian; marine reptiles; osteology; postcranium; Prosanto Formation; Switzerland


    The present contribution contains the 3D model and dataset analyzed in the following publication: Scheyer, T. M., J. M. Neenan, T. Bodogan, H. Furrer, C. Obrist, and M. Plamondon. 2017. A new, exceptionally preserved juvenile specimen of Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi (Diapsida) and implications for Mesozoic marine diapsid phylogeny. Scientific Reports,

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Published in Volume 03, Issue 03 (2017)