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M3#407_UM KPG M 73


Data citation: Mourlam M., Orliac M., 2019. M3#407_UM KPG M 73. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.407

Model solid/transparent

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age group : Adult

Age (if applicable) : Luthetian

Material Type : Skull fragments

Origin : Togo

Class : Mammalia

Order : Cetartiodactyla

Family : Protocetidae

Genus : indet.

Species :indet.

Skull fragments

Related article
3D models related to the publication: Early Evolution of the Ossicular Chain in Cetacea: Into the Middle Ear Gears of a Semi-Aquatic Protocetid Whale
Mickaël Mourlam and Maëva Orliac
Published online: 2019-10-01

Keywords: archaeocete; incus; malleus; stapes

doi: 10.18563/journal.m3.94


    This contribution contains the 3D models of the ossicles of a protocetid archaeocete from the locality of Kpogamé, Togo, described and figured in the publication of Mourlam and Orliac (2019). 

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Published in Volume 05, issue 04 (2019)