Volume 05, issue 02
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ISSN: 2274-0422

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MorphoMuseuM Volume 05, issue 02
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Original article

3D surface scan of the type specimen of Molassitherium delemontense Becker and Antoine, 2013: use of a 3D model for research and conservation issues
Olivier Maridet Logo, Gaëtan Rauber, Martine Rochat, Renaud Roch, Jérémy Tissier Logo, Jérémy Anquetin Logo and Damien Becker Logo
Published online: 19/02/2019

Keywords: Conservation; Early Oligocene; Rhinocerotidae; Switzerland

References: 26
Cited by: 2

Cite this article: Olivier Maridet, Gaëtan Rauber, Martine Rochat, Renaud Roch, Jérémy Tissier, Jérémy Anquetin and Damien Becker, 2019. 3D surface scan of the type specimen of Molassitherium delemontense Becker and Antoine, 2013: use of a 3D model for research and conservation issues. MorphoMuseuM 5:e82. doi: 10.18563/journal.m3.82

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This contribution provides for the first time the 3D model of the type specimen of Molassitherium delemontense (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) described in the following publication: Becker et al. (2013), Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, Vol. 11, Issue 8, 947–972, Conservation issues of the specimen and solutions using 3D model and 3D prints are detailed. 

Specimens and 3D Data

Molassitherium delemontense MJSN POI007–245 View specimen


Skull of Molassitherium delemontense Becker and Antoine, 2013 (in Becker et al. 2013): holotype

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.384   state:published

Download 3D surface file


Published in Volume 05, issue 02 (2019)


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