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Most represented collections

Name nr of specimens
Université de Montpellier : Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution, Montpellier, France (ISEM, Montpellier)  210
dissection specimens (no collection.)  61
Congenital Anomaly Research Center, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan (CARC, Kyoto)  37
University of Zürich/Zoological Museum, Switzerland (Zürich Zool. Museum)  36
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Switzerland (NMB, Basel)  30
Museo de Historia Natural - Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos (MUSM), Lima, Peru (MUSM, Lima)  29
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN, Paris)  26
Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium (MRAC)  22
Natural History Museum, London (UK) (NHM, London)  21
UFAC, paleontological collection of the Universidade Federal do Acre, Rio Branco, Brazil (UFAC)  21
Naturmuseum Senckenberg Frankfurt, Germany (SMF, Frankfurt, Germany)  21
Ostéothèque de Pessac, Université de Bordeaux, France (Pessac, Bordeaux)  20
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany (MNB, Berlin)  19
Palaeontological Museum of the University of Zurich, Switzerland (PIM, Zürich)  18
Naturhistorisches Museum der Burgergemeinde Bern, Switzerland (NMB, Bern)  18
American Museum of Natural History, New-York (USA) (AMNH, New-York)  17
State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany (SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany)  17
Musée des Confluences, Lyon, France (MHNL, France)  14
Museum d'Histoire naturelle de Toulouse (France) (MNHT)  12
Collezione osteologica moderna - Museo Sardo di Antropologia ed Etnografia (MSAE, Monserrato, Italy)  10

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