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ISEM, Montpellier UM ITD 1081  petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Anoplotheriidae Diplobune minor
ISEM, Montpellier UM ITD 1083  in situ petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Anoplotheriidae Diplobune minor
MNHN, Paris not numbered  endocranial cast  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Anoplotheriidae Anoplotherium sp.
ZSM, Munich, Germany ZSM 1964/218  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Antilocapridae Antilocapra americana
MNB, Berlin ZMB 77281  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Antilocapridae Antilocapra americana
IGMp, Bogota, Colombia IGMp 881327  tooth  Mammalia/Astrapotheria/Astrapotheriidae Hilarcotherium miyou
MUN, Barranquilla, Colombia MUN-STRI 34216  tooth  Mammalia/Astrapotheria/Astrapotheriidae Hilarcotherium miyou
DMNH, Wilmington, USA DMNH 96004  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Baenidae Eubaena cephalica
NMMNH, Albuquerque NMMNH P-66225   Skull  Actinopterygii/Palaeonisciformes/Birgeriidae Birgeria americana
PIM PIMUZ A/III 631  vertebra  Reptilia/Squamata/Booidea Palaeopython helveticus
PIM, Zürich PIMUZ A/III 634  vertebra  Reptilia/Squamata/Booidea Palaeopython helveticus
PIM, Zürich PIMUZ A/III 636  vertebra  Reptilia/Squamata/Booidea Palaeopython helveticus
ZFMK, Bonn, Germany ZFMK 2001.278  bone  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Aepyceros melampus
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 64934  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Bos javanicus
ZFMK, Bonn, Germany ZFMK 72.367  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Rupicapra rupicapra
SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany SMNS 4432  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Madoqua kirkii
SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany SMNS 51328  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Capra hircus dom.
SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany SMNS 4442  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Connochaetes taurinus
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 23749  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Litocranius walleri
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 95875  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Bovidae Tragelaphus eurycerus

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