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3D models related to the publication: New material of Epiaceratherium and a new species of Mesaceratherium clear up the phylogeny of the early Rhinocerotidae (Perissodactyla)
Jérémy Tissier Logo, Pierre-Olivier Antoine Logo and Damien Becker Logo
Published online: 15/07/2020

Keywords: Epiaceratherium; Molassitherium; Oligocene; Rhinocerotidae


    The present 3D Dataset contains two 3D models described in Tissier et al. ( the only known complete mandible of the early-branching rhinocerotoid Epiaceratherium magnum Uhlig, 1999, and a hypothetical reconstruction of the complete archetypic skull of Epiaceratherium Heissig, 1969, created by merging three cranial parts from three distinct Epiaceratherium species. 


    Epiaceratherium magnum NMB.O.B.928 View specimen


    3D surface model of the mandible NMB.O.B.928 of Epiaceratherium magnum, with texture file.

    Type: "3D_surfaces"

    doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.534   state:published

    Download 3D surface file

    Epiaceratherium magnum NMB.O.B.928 + MJSN POI007–245 + NMB.I.O.43 View specimen


    Archetypal reconstruction of the skull of Epiaceratherium, generated by 3D virtual association of the cranium of E. delemontense (MJSN POI007–245, in blue), mandible of E. magnum (NMB.O.B.928, green) and snout of E. bolcense (NMB.I.O.43, in orange).

    Type: "3D_surfaces"

    doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.535   state:published

    Download 3D surface file

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Published in Volume 06, issue 03 (2020)


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