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Holotype specimen of Donrussellia magna, an adapiform primate from the early Eocene (MP7) of Southern France
Anusha Ramdarshan, Marc Godinot Logo, Samuel Bédécarrats Logo and Rodolphe Tabuce Logo
Published online: 18/06/2015

Keywords: Adapiformes; Early Eocene; Holotype; Primates; Southern France


    This project presents a µCT dataset and an associated 3D surface model of the holotype of Donrussellia magna (UM PAT 17; Primates, Adapiformes). UM PAT17 is the only known specimen for the species and consists of a well-preserved left lower jaw with p4-m3. It documents one of the oldest European primates, eventually dated near the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum. 


    Donrussellia magna UM PAT 17 View specimen


    3D surface file model of UM PAT 17 (type specimen of Donrussellia magna), which is a well preserved left lower jaw with p4-m3. The teeth (and roots) were manually segmented.

    Type: "3D_surfaces"

    doi: 10.18563/m3.sf17   state:published

    Download 3D surface file


    CT Scan Data of Donrussellia magna UM PAT 17. Voxel size (in µm): 36µm (isotropic voxels). Dimensions in x,y,z : 594 pixels, 294 pixels, 1038 pixels. Image type : 8-bit voxels. Image format : raw data format (no header).

    Type: "3D_CT"

    doi: 10.18563/m3.sf18   state:published

    Download CT data

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Published in Vol. 01, Issue 02 (2015)


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