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3D cranium models of fossils of large canids (Canis lupus) from Goyet, Trou des Nutons and Trou Balleux, Belgium
Allowen Evin, Emmanuel Gilissen and Mietje Germonpré
Published online: 06/11/2015

Keywords: Archaeozoology; Dog; Domestication; Pleistocene; Wolf


    Archaeozoological studies are increasingly using new methods and approaches to explore questions about domestication. Here, we provide 3D models of three archaeological Canis lupus skulls from Belgium originating from the sites of Goyet (31,680±250BP; 31,890+240/-220BP), Trou des Nutons (21,810±90BP) and Trou Balleux (postglacial). Since their identification as either wolves or early dogs is still debated, we present these models as additional tools for further investigating their evolutionary history and the history of dog domestication. 

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Published in Volume 01, Issue 03 (2015)


Page 1 of 1, showing 1 record(s) out of 1 total